Distant Origins

by Synergi

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released August 16, 2016

Audio Recording Credit: John Melasippo

Album Art Credit: Dream Crusher Designs



all rights reserved


Synergi Toms River, New Jersey

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Track Name: Atmosphere
I’ll be honest; Can I be honest with myself.
The universe has shown its true form.
And there’s something in the air tonight.
Let the dust settle everything will be all right.
This night’s grown dead silent.
Only whispers can be heard in the air.
Lift your head up to the sky, your soul will fall through the atmosphere.
Let the earth feel safe one more time, one more time, one more time.
The dark matter begins its decent.
Track Name: Flourish In Ruin
Come on. Let’s go.
We should have seen this coming. It was a battle that can’t be won. With another year over we’ll watch this grim face as it stands up and block out the sun. I think it’s safe to say to say that I might die. But that’s alright. (2x) God I just can’t help knowing. That I…..

And life it’s a complex thing. And I wear these marks on my shoulder I’m older. I fight for what I believe in even if defeat brings out the worst in me. When each day is a battle don’t forget that life is the war. What did we deserve this for? Standing thousands of light years, couldn’t stop me from reaching my enemies. From reaching my enemies.
This isn’t over yet. Gravity has held me down for so long.
It’s not over yet. These lessons learned by the passerby.
No it’s not over yet. Space and time will reach its end.

We pick ourselves back up from the bloody ground.
Shadows they converge in our direction upon the rusted wall.
Pieces lay scattered all around from the wreckage.

What are we going to do? Just give up now or defend for it’s worth.
Release the onslaught the walls are breached.
With one last failed attempt we run oh!

I have one last thing to say to you. I’ll see this through.

Stand for something, or leave now and stand for nothing, no.
Leave with nothing, or stand now and leave with something now.
Track Name: Distant Origins
Look at what we have turned into. Free will can be a deadly little playground. Divided us into, the person that I was meant to be. Fallen from the stars above only to be brought by the ones we love. They bide their time like waiting vultures. We prevail through sacrifice. This could be the end of it all. This could be the end of it all.
We’re stuck inside of this limitation, self-initiation. We’ve, we’ve come so far. Yeah come so far. We’ve come so far to reach the end of the world. We always knew, we knew these days would come. We are machines built by machines. Welded together by self irony. Caught between the rusted gears inside corroded minds. It puts a halt to creations better side. We’re caught between life and death. Stationary to this world. We know. Open your hearts, open your mind. Taken what we have been given. Open your hearts, open your mind. Open your mind.
Track Name: Manunkind

Overcasting and overshadowed we wait in the darkness as planets align. And it’s something that I’ve never seen before.
Have you ever watched the sunrise from the bottom of the ocean? Well it’s so beautiful. It’s so beautiful. It’s so damn beautiful in a heartless world. Do my feelings mean nothing to you? There is an evil that lurks inside the truth. There is nothing more evil than the truth.
But what hurts the most is being sick of the same old thing. Back to the drawing board to rewrite history again. Just because your different it doesn’t mean you really are. Normal can’t define itself within its weak heart. I’m counting on the day when sin is the ugly of words and beauty’s worth more than gold. This is the answer that I’ve been looking for. It was written from the sphere down to the core. These lights bring strength to the weak or hope for us all. Live for yourself, NO, live for everyone and pray for the ones you love. There are billions of stars in the sky.
Track Name: Nebula
(I am unforgiving) You thought you had me believing too. It’s all we know. It’s all we know. But you were mistaken like a fool. I told you I’d show you, but they said that you’d never listen. (No!) Now you see that you were mistaken. I’ll claim this victory with my stake in the sand.

The skyline has been crossed like so many times. Like so many times before. Now we watch as they hover overhead. Floating up high, oh, look at all the lights, look at all the lights, in the sky.
With a heartless attitude you can only go so far. With this heart-felt gratitude I forgive no one. This ability will drag you out into the nebula. Or to the bottom of the ocean with lost wrecks on the coral reefs. Let the pressure surround you and shrink you down, to nothing. To nothing. It takes time to learn and to let go. It takes time to learn and to let go. It takes time to learn and to let go.
Track Name: Radiance
Whatever happened to a thing called chivalry?
Pretentious notions for the weak and hollow bodied.
Guilt stricken senses are eating me up inside.
We wait.

Go, go back to the dark place and cold space from which you came from.
Seize your moment in time.
Or, don’t hold back and black out the earth from once we came.
Eviscerate all of mankind.

We are the radiance of the universe. Brighter than the sun.
Live amongst us.

We are the same, we’re not the same, we’re the same, the same, we’re not the same, we’re the same. The same we’re not the same, we’re the same, the same,
We’re not the fucking same.

Colors get brighter and the earth beneath me shakes.
Questions in my mind echo to escape.
Trace the carbon footprints of our fore fathers
How easily we forget what we’ve learned.
What we’ve learned.

And you know it’s your heart that matters.
Pick yourself back up get it together.
Try not to fake this and bow to their greatness. I’m only seconds away from evolve….
Stop pretending who you think you really are.
Because enough is enough is enough.
The clock is forever ticking in your face.
I’m only seconds away from evolving.
I’m evolving.
I am evolving.

Just for one second I, wish I could stay right here.
But I have better purposes in the atmosphere.


I have evolved (whispered )